Uvea & Ocular Inflammation:

What is uvea?

The eyeball has three coats. The middle layer is called uvea. It has three parts, anterior iris , middle ciliary body and posterior choroid.It has a rich blood supply and a strong immune system. That’s why it is prone to immune reactions.

What is uveitis?

Inflammation of the uvea is uveitis. It may be due to autoimmune causes like rheumatoid arthritis or infections which may be viral, bacterial or tuberculosis.

Is uveitis curable?

If the cause of uveitis is infection it can be completely cured with the appropriate treatment.If it is due to autoimmune causes, it can be controlled with medications. However like all autoimmune conditions, uveitis can also be recurrent or chronic. In such conditions, the treatment may be prolonged.

What are the investigations for uveitis?

Ocular investigations include fundus fluorescein angiography, optical coherence tomography, B scan ultrasound and UBM.Systemic investigations include blood tests and radiological imaging.

Is steroid the only treatment for uveitis?

  • Infectious uveitis is treated with appropriate antibiotics or antivirals. Non infectious uveitis is treated with steroids. If prolonged treatment is required or if the patient cannot tolerate steroids, steroid sparing agents can be used. Patients will be regularly monitored for the adverse effects of the medicines and the treatment will be altered if any adverse effects develop.
  • Regular follow-up and strict allegiance to treatment is a must for all patients with uveitis.
  • Self medication can lead to complications. Hence avoid self medication and irregular treatment.

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