What is dacryocystitis?

It is the inflammation of the lacrimal sac due to a block in the normal lacrimal drainage system. This is a troublesome condition causing constant watering and discharge from ones eyes.

What is ptosis?

This is the drooping of the upper eyelid present either since birth or that develops later in life. If severe, it hampers a person’s vision.

What is entropion or ectropion?

These are abnormalities of the lid with either the in rolling (Entropion) of the lid margin or its out rolling (ectropion). These cause constant watering and irritation of the eyes.

What is thyroid eye disease?

In those with abnormal thyroid levels, changes occur in the tissues and muscles surrounding our eyes causing them to bulge. In some cases, the optic nerve may also be compressed causing a decrease in the vision.

What is Orbital Fractures?

In case of injuries to the face the walls of the socket holding the eye are fractured leading to displacement of the eye.

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